Telescopic cylinders

Telescopic cylindersThe use of double-acting telescopic cylinders is practical in installation situations, where the use of conventional cylinders is not permitted, and where a hydraulic return is required.

Telescopic cylinders from ewo are equipped with high quality components such as guides and seals to ensure important features especially for these cylinders and therefore optimally guarantee long-term, problem-free operation.

The cylinders are designed with a special system of oil passages to ensure that the seals cannot extend beyond the oil bores on extension, significantly reducing the wear to the seals. Both oil connections are integrated into the bottom of the cylinder as a standard feature, so that safety valves can be installed without problems.

The maximum dimensions are a piston diameter of 140 mm for the largest stage and a maximum stroke length of 3000 mm per stage. These cylinders are available with 2 or 3 stages. The maximum operating pressure is 250 bars.

1) Differential cylinder version
2) Synchronous cylinder version

Typical applications for this type of cylinder include:

  • Support cylinders
  • Cylinders for passenger and cargo elevators
  • Lifting cylinders in limited installation spaces
  • Press cylinders
  • Extension cylinders for telescopic arms
  • Tilting cylinders for containers 



eDrawing Telescopic cylinders

eDrawing telescopic cylinders



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