Repair service for hydraulic cylinders

Repair service for hydraulic cylinders We offer a repair service for all brands of hydraulic cylinders!

Our experience in producing hydraulic cylinders has provided us with the know-how to also repair hydraulic cylinders from other manufacturers professionally and quickly.

Here care is taken to keep the costs as low as possible, while not allowing any com-promises in terms of quality. On larger piston rods minor mechanical damages are resurfaced and polished.

Old defective cylinders are rebuilt good as new.

Repair is worthwhile on most cylinders when compared to the prices for a new part or an individual order. As a rule many of the parts in the defective cylinder can be reused, promoting recycling and reducing environmental pollution.
For machines, for which replacement parts are no longer available, production according to a sample is also possible.

  • Over 10,000 cylinder gaskets in stock
  • All common types of rocker bearings in stock
  • Cylinder and rod material up to a diameter of 140 mm in stock
  • Stroke lengths up to 3000 mm

Contact us! We will work out a cost estimate and offer immediate service in urgent cases.



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